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Who We Are

Millions of communication products in the field utilize Alango’s DSP processing software. Alango’s technologies improve the quality of voice communication and audio experience in a variety of real life scenarios reducing different types of noise, enhancing speech, cancelling acoustic echo and dynamically equalizing signal volume and spectrum according to dynamic acoustic conditions.

Additionally, Alango offers advanced technological solutions for hearing enhancement and personalizing sound. Alango technologies and solutions provide excellent performance for a variety of voice applications and products. Examples include, but are not limited to: Hands-free car kits and systems, Bluetooth communication headsets, Mobile and Cordless phones, High-end audio/video conferencing systems, Intercom systems, Laptops, Office speakerphones, Tablets, Assistive listening and Hearing enhancement devices.

We also help our customers to provide end users with the best possible product by supporting them in the development process. This includes implementation and optimization of our technologies for specific computational platforms, development of custom hardware and reference designs, technology customization as well as help in fine-tuning of final products. We support our customers every step of the way – from initial product concept through mass production and beyond. 

History Milestones
  • Alango releases Blind Interference Cancellation (BIC) technology for mitigating interfering noise in voice-controlled applications to improve automatic speech recognition performance.
  • Direction of Arrival (DOA) technology for speech indication is released. Primary use is for far-field voice direction identification of speakerphone and voice-controlled devices.
  • Alango BeHear is selected as one of the winners of the OPPO Research Institute competition. Alango recognized for addressing the societal impact and solution to the global hearing-loss epidemic.
  • VoiceDefender™ technology launched as a solution for voice pre-processing in over/on ear headphones. The technology utilizes two microphones on each earcup for signal acquisition and pre-processing, ensuring clear call quality even in noisy environments.
  • Alango BeHear division launches SMARTO™, a personal hearing amplifier delivering substantial amplification and Bluetooth® connectivity.
  • Alango launches OnlyVoice sensor fusion technology for advanced voice acquisition on TWS earbuds and headsets, combining the best properties of external beamforming microphones with the noise isolation of an internal (in-ear) sensor
  • End products powered by Alango VCP among first devices Certified for Microsoft Teams: Poly Calisto 5300M, 3200M Speakerphones; Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset
  • Alango – Wear & Hear division launches BeHear ACCESS, a personalizable hearing amplifier combining the functionality of a Bluetooth stereo headset, assistive hearing device, and digital hearing aid.
  • Alango joins IsCham, Israel Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Alango launches the Wear & Hear line of assistive hearing products.
  • Alango - Wear & Hear division releases its first product: the BeHear NOW, a personalizable Bluetooth headset with built-in hearing enhancement features.
  • Alango Sound Reinforcement Package tested and fully compliant with Head Acoustics HQS-ICC: preliminary quality standard for two-way in-car communication performance.
  • 15 year anniversary of Alango Technologies.
  • First time Alango exhibited at Audiology Now conference.
  • Official release to first customers of 8th generation Voice Communication Package (VCP8) – the development platform of future products.
  • First customers licensed Alango Hearing Enhancement Package and HearPhones™ software reference design.
  • First Apple CarPlay license distributions of VCP.
  • VCP tested and compliant with ITU-T P.1100/1110, VDA 1.6, ITU-T P.1140, GOST R55531.
  • Strategic collaboration with STMicroelectronics.
  • LG Electronics, HFB-500 solar powered car speakerphone integrating Alango Voice Communication Package gets “The best of CES” award.
  • Analog Devices licensed Alango Voice Communication Package for integration into its GSM protocol stack for mobile phone applications.
  • Alango joins CSR eXtension Partner program. VCP made available on CSR Kalimba DSP.
  • Alango joins ARM development community.
  • Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co. and Alango Ltd. announce integration of Alango Mobile Speakerphone Technologies into Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA reference designs.
  • TTPCom licensed Alango Voice Communication Package for integration into its GSM protocol stack for mobile phone applications.
  • Alango, Ltd. is founded.

We are an international company in growth mode with headquarters in Israel and representation directly in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Our business model consists of:
  • Technology licensing fees
  • Reference designs licensing fees
  • NRE for custom modifications and hardware design
  • Hardware modules sales
  • Custom systems development and sales

We have the richest portfolio of licensable front-end voice and audio processing technologies and solutions and several filed patent applications protecting the basic principles of our technologies. Our customers include companies of different size all over the world including major silicon vendors, software houses, and end-user product manufacturers.


We have come a long way since 2002. Since then we have not ceased in the development of our technologies. This is imperative since we are a technology provider. We will continue to be committed to serve our customers with the best pre/post processing technologies for voice, hearing enhancement, and audio. 

A lot has happened the past couple of years at Alango. But what about the future? 

In 2016 we began customer releases of our 8th generation voice processing package, VCP8, which was written from scratch. VCP8 will be our flagship package for years to come. VCP8 offers several advantages over its previous generation including voice quality, computational resources and ease of porting. But VCP8 is more than Voice Communication Package. It is a software platform or framework for developing advanced solutions for new applications to come.

Obviously voice enhancement will be a big part of our future. Therefore, we continue to develop microphone beamforming and array technology for a wide range of applications, environments, and use cases.  In addition to voice enhancement we are applying this technology to address speech recognition enhancement including far-field speech enhancement. Whatever the device, our mission is for the user to be heard and understood by either human or machine. 

Next up is audio enhancement. We’ll continue developing AVQ™, MuRefiner™, and ListenThrough™. Our general plan is to continue developing technologies to enhance the ambient awareness, audio experience and, moreover, personalization. Speaking of which, we developed a concept called PersonaSound™, which personalizes the user’s audio experience using Alango’s core audio enhancement technologies as building blocks of the overall solution.

We’ll continue to work on hearing enhancement. It started a couple of years ago from a simple question. What is the most needed wearable electronic device in the world? The answer is the hearing aid. This is why we continue to develop HearPhones™, which is what we describe as “Glasses for the Hearing Impaired”. There’s information about our hearing enhancement and assistive listening technology on this website. We will continue to develop and advance our technologies to serve the hearing impaired community with high performance and cost effective solutions for hearing enhancement and assistive listening. We have more than 500 million hearing impaired people who need an alternative to hearing aids. 

There is so much more we are planning for the future but we will leave it, for now, in the future. None of us know what the future holds. Nevertheless, let’s plan for it together.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

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