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May.16, 2022
Blind Interference Cancellation (BIC) Technology

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The keyword and speech recognition capabilities of voice-controlled devices improve significantly when the acoustic signal of interfering noise sources is suppressed. In this video, we demonstrate Alango Blind Interference Cancellation "BIC" and its ability to suppress interfering noise in a very realistic use case. A smart device with 3 microphones is located near a TV and is playing three different types of video/audio clips. The signal you hear is the signal recorded by the device's microphones in quiet and noisy environments. The device is completely independent of TV, we provide no reference signal to it, so no acoustic echo cancellation is possible. The only indication the device receives is that the TV programme is running continuously, while the user command is a new acoustic event to be separated from the continuous background sound. You can appreciate the performance when BIC technology is switched ON and OFF.

BIC is integrated into the 2nd generation of Alango's proprietary Voice Enhancement Package of software technologies, which include multi-channel echo cancellation (not shown in this video) and far-field beamforming technology. The output from BIC can be fed into any speech recognition software used to interpret user commands. Alango BIC is suitable for smart speakers, IoT and other voice-controlled devices.

BIC is a licensable technology. Please write to us at if you are interested.


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