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Buyers prioritize premium audio quality and features such as clear calling in headphones and earphones. Alango offers basic, advanced, and future-looking technologies for current and forthcoming generations of feature-rich hearables. Here’s a summary of what Alango offers for Voice, Audio, and Hearing enhancement for headphones and earphones.



Voice Enhancement




Alango offers standard and specialized technologies for voice enhancement. For exceptional TWS-earbud call quality even in noisy environments we offer OnlyVoice™, which combines the signals of a dual-microphone array and an internal bone conduction sensor into an intelligently mixed output. For exceptional headphone call quality – field proven to pass the Teams standard - we offer VoiceDefender™, which combines the signals of four microphones (two on each earcup), applying end-fire and broadside beamforming, to create a single enhanced output. What’s more, OnlyVoice and VoiceDefender can be combined into a super-premium headphone featuring noise-free calls without a boom microphone. Beyond classical audio processing for hands-free calls is Alango’s Neural Network Noise Reduction designed specifically for hearables requiring low computational resources and processing delay.




Alango ensures clear call transmission and reception. AVQ equalizes sounds according to ambient noise characteristics in both amplitude and frequency. It is designed specifically to improve perceptual loudness and intelligibility of received calls. EasyListen is an optional feature that dynamically slows incoming voice calls for improved intelligibility. Personalization, according to one’s unique hearing ability, is another technology that profoundly enhances the intelligibility of received voice calls. Every word of every call is attuned to the listener’s ear. This technology falls under the umbrella of Alango’s PersonaSound™ concept.



Audio Enhancement


Premium audio quality and features make a hearable stand out from the crowd. For audio playback Alango offers several technologies integrated into our Audio Enhancement Package (AEP). This includes:


Stereo Normalizer: Gives the OEM the freedom to choose the desired stereo effect. For instance, for headphones or earphones, the stereo image can be narrowed to replicate the feel of a live soundstage. Stereo Normalizer adapts in real time, analyzing the audio's spatial characteristics, and adjusting the stereo image to match the preference, whether that means widening it for some content or narrowing it for others.

Spectral Compander: Delivers more vibrant music with enhanced clarity. Listening to music in silence and noise offers contrasting experiences. In quiet settings with high-quality speakers, spectral components may have varying loudness. However, in noisy or distracting conditions, some music elements may get masked. The Spectral Compander bridges these differences, making all spectral components perceptible. The result is livelier, more vibrant music with enhanced details. Additionally, it's beneficial for speech applications, improving voice intelligibility by boosting missing high-frequency components.

Bass Enhancer: Reproducing low frequencies poses challenges for portable devices due to power and size constraints. The compromise is never perfect, but Alango's Bass Emphasizer DSP software technology provides a solution. It can create the impression of stronger bass without the distortion caused by adjusting equalizer settings.

  Automatic Volume & Equalization (AVQ)  

AVQ adjusts the headphone/earphone signal based on ambient noise level and spectrum, ensuring consistent loudness and intelligibility in dynamic environments (such as streets, buses, trains). It receives noise estimation from the microphone capturing ambient noise. It’s ideal for enjoying audio while travelling through differing noise environments.

  Multi-Band Dynamic Range Processing (MDRP)  

A multi-band dynamic range compressor with flexible channel and characteristics allowing compensation for hearing loss as well as reducing speaker distortions at high volumes.


Enhances speech intelligibility in movies by reducing background sounds and music. VoiceFirst not only improves dialogue clarity but also mitigates user fatigue caused by exaggerated sound effects, enhancing overall enjoyment of the video content.

  EasyListen   A real-time technology, dynamically slows down incoming speech to enhance its naturalness and intelligibility. Language-independent, it effectively supports both Western and Eastern tonal languages. It’s ideal for streamed media such as podcasts.




Hearing Enhancement


Alango's Hearing Enhancement Package (HEP) presents consumer-tested, field-proven personalized hearing amplification technology for a large, underserved segment of society having a mild to moderate hearing impairment. This software suite empowers users to effortlessly customize and fine-tune their hearing amplification within minutes, via a self-administered hearing assessment. Once the fitting process concludes, all sounds are tailored to the user's hearing profile.





Situational Awareness


Wearing headphones or earbuds can block out critical environmental sounds, especially during audio streaming. Alango's ListenThrough™ technology preserves important ambient sounds like car sirens, announcements, etc., even during loud audio playback, while eliminating background noise. Microphones on both the left and right side are utilized to provide binaural signal coordination, ensuring accurate sound localization to ensure safety during critical sound events.







Alango's PersonaSound™ is a concept that brings together Alango’s Voice-Audio-Hearing technologies for a full-featured hearable. You can review the following presentation to learn more; PersonaSound™.






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