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Acoustic echo, background noise and reverberation significantly degrade the quality of the voice signal in telecommunication systems. Absolutely crucial technologies required for intelligible conversations over these systems are Alango’s echo cancellation and noise reduction. Additionally, Alango offers dual-microphone and multi-microphone beamforming, as well as bone conduction sensor voice processing to further discriminate voice from noise.
Apr.14, 2024

User's voice signal from the helmet vibrations. It works!


Vibration sensors can pick up speech signals by detecting tiny vibrations of any surface caused by sound. One example is bone-conducted vibrations triggered by the user’s voice and detected by the sensor mounted in an earpiece. In the video Dr. Alexander Goldin recorded at Knowles Corporation booth at the Global Audio Summit in Shanghai in March 2024, the sensor was mounted in a helmet that picked up the vibrations of his skull during his talk.

Jun.2, 2022

Alango OnlyVoice prototype vs. Apple Airpods Pro and Jabra Elite 7 Pro. Noise Reduction Performance in 3 Scenarios


A bone conduction sensor combined with external beamforming microphones can provide excellent voice pickup performance even in noisy environments. This video compares the Apple AirPods Pro and Jabra Elite 7 Pro with Alango's OnlyVoice™ Technology. Each of which combine the voice signals of an internal bone conduction sensor with external beamforming microphones.

Feb.16, 2021

TeddyTalks: TWS Voice Enhancement w/ Bone Conduction Sensors--Alango OnlyVoice Webinar (11-Feb-2021)

Watch this video on Alango's YouTube channel

Webinar recorded live on 11 Feb. 2021

0:52​ - Presentation // using OnlyVoice mockup, 2+1 output)
9:05​ - Demonstration // OnlyVoice vs. 2-mic beamforming vs. 1-mic raw)
18:46​ - Q&A // with Alex Radzishevsky, Director of Product Development & Chief Audio Engineer at Alango Technologies

Find out how to enable next-gen voice clarity on TWS headsets in noisy environments with Alango OnlyVoice technology. OnlyVoice combines the best of dual-mic beamforming with the isolated, internal speech signal acquired via bone conduction sensor. This webinar introduces the underlying concepts of the technology, and gives a live demonstration of OnlyVoice processing under different noise conditions.

OnlyVoice™ with In-Ear Accelerometer

OnlyVoice™ with In-Ear Microphone

Jan.10, 2021

Voice Comes First: Enhance the dialogue in movies and TV shows with Alango VoiceFirst™ Technology

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Do you like watching movies, TV shows, or sports games on TV? Are you bothered by the constant struggle to hear and understand speech content at normal TV volume levels? Do you ever wish you could just turn down the sound effects (or background music, or laugh track, etc.) to make the dialogue easier to understand?

Alango VoiceFirst technology is here to help! VoiceFirst enhances speech intelligibility of TV, movies, and sports broadcasts by detecting and attenuating background sounds while preserving speech and dialogue. The technology is available for integration in TVs, soundbars, headphones, media streamers, and any other device where TV sound is played through.

Technologies > Voice Enhancement > VoiceFirst

Aug.12, 2020

Alango EasyWatch demo

Watch this video on Alango's Youtube Channel

Fast speech and foreign language on TV/movies can be tough to understand, especially for older or hearing-impaired individuals. Alango's EasyWatch technology gives you the power to slow down TV speech in real-time - so you can catch every word.

EasyWatch is an assistive technology that dynamically slows down voices in streaming video to make them more intelligible, while keeping the video in perfect sync. Try EasyWatch out yourself - download the demo player at EasyWatch.

May.12, 2020

2-way SRP demo - Alango Sound Reinforcement Package demonstrated on ADI SHARC+ processor

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Listen to the output of Alango's Sound Reinforcent Package (SRP) as we demonstrate 2-way, simultaneous voice communication between driver and passenger. SRP evaluation software is available now on the Analog Devices ADSP-2156x SHARC+ processor family.

For more information about SRP our other automotive solutions, visit

May.8, 2020

EasyWatch Example C - Slowed 50%

May.8, 2020

EasyWatch Example C - Slowed 25%

May.8, 2020

EasyWatch Example C - Unprocessed

May.7, 2020

EasyWatch Example B - Slowed 50%

May.7, 2020

EasyWatch Example B - Slowed 25%

May.6, 2020

EasyWatch Example B - Unprocessed

May.5, 2020

EasyWatch Example A - Slowed 50%

May.5, 2020

EasyWatch Example A - Slowed 25%

May.5, 2020

EasyWatch Example A - Unprocessed

Dec.22, 2019

Alango OnlyVoice technology vs. Apple AirPods Pro - noise reduction compared in 6 scenarios

Watch this video on Alango Youtube Channel

Alango OnlyVoice™ is an advanced voice acquisition technology for true wireless (TWS) earphones, Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, and high-performance headsets. For voice communication in extremely noisy environments, OnlyVoice combines the best of acoustic beamforming with the speech signal recorded by a bone conduction sensor. Watch and listen to the effect of OnlyVoice processing in 6 high-noise scenarios--then hear how it compares to the voice processing on the AirPods Pro.


Mar.26, 2018

In-Car Communication using Sound Reinforcement (SRP)

Alango’s Sound Reinforcement Package (SRP) enables in-car voice communication from the driver to the rear passengers without the driver needing to raise her voice or turn around and face the passengers.

Nov.19, 2017

Sound Effect Normalization

Do you like watching movies? Sporting events? TV shows? Have you noticed that they are getting noisier and noisier as time goes by, making it more and more difficult to follow the dialogue? Or, at least, is that what you feel is happening? If so, you may think there is nothing you can do to make the background noise softer and less annoying, the speech more intelligible, and the whole experience more enjoyable. You are right, you cannot. However, technology can. Alango Technologies is introducing a revolutionary VoiceFirst™ technology (previously known as SEN or Sound Effect Normalization) . Activate VoiceFirst™ technology on your device and enjoy listening again, as before, as it should be: the proper mix of music, sound effects, and spoken dialogue.

Sep.7, 2012

Alango Adaptive Dual Microphone (ADM) Technology Demo for Mobile Handsets

The clip shows real time demo of Alango Adaptive Dual Microphone (ADM) technology for mobile handsets. Performance in close-talk (handset) and far-talk (video call, speech recognition) modes is demonstrated. The demo setup is available for potential customers for evaluation upon request.

Aug.28, 2012

Alango Tablet 3Mic Array Demo

The clip shows performance of Alango proprietary, far field 3 microphone array technology for tablets. Performance in communication and movie taking modes is shown. All sounds are recorded live from the DSP box. This demo is available for potential customers upon request.

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