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Jan.1, 1970
Alango Automatic Volume and Equalization (AVQ) technology for in-car music enhancement

When driving, do you feel like you're always turning your music volume up or down to cope with the changes in background noise? Do music and phone calls sound muddy, shrill, or unbalanced during your drive? Does your in-car automatic volume control get the job done, or do you still end up making manual adjustments in changing noise conditions? Alango's Automatic Volume and Equalization technology (AVQ) is here to help. Unlike speed-dependent volume control in cars (which only roughly estimates noise level based on current driving speed), AVQ uses a microphone to directly measure ambient noise level and spectrum (frequency). But AVQ does more than just automatic volume adjustment for music and phone calls. AVQ also equalizes the sound based on the spectrum of the background noise. Inside the car--where noise level and spectrum are always changing--AVQ ensures equal perceptual loudness, sound coloration, and voice intelligibility without any need for manual adjustment.

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