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May.18, 2016
Huawei’s Talkband B3 Uses Alango’s Adaptive Directional Microphone Noise Suppression Technology

Tirat Carmel, Israel (May 18, 2016) - Alango Technologies, the leader in voice enhancement DSP preprocessing software, announced that the Huawei Talkband B3 utilizes Alango’s Voice Communication Package (VCP) noise suppression and echo cancellation technology. The Talkband B3 features an adaptive dual microphone noise suppression by employing the advantages of sub-band processing. In particular, adaptive beamforming and adaptive wind noise reduction technologies automatically detect and eliminate acoustic and wind noises in specific frequency regions while preserving the clean voice signal.

Alango’s VCP is a universal software package adapted to many different processing environments. VCP enables high quality, full duplex, noise and echo free communication in a wide range of applications and is especially suited for "hearables" and bluetooth headsets. Alango’s VCP technology specifically addresses the issues of ambient and wind noise that degrade speech intelligibility.

Dr. Alexander Goldin, Alango founder and CEO said, “We are pleased to partner with Huawei Technologies a leader in the emerging wearable and hearable market. Alango worked closely with Huawei for several months to support the integration of our voice enhancement technologies. Alango continues to invest heavily in developing superior voice enhancement technology to support this emerging market to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and the consumer.”


About Alango Technologies

Alango Technologies Ltd. is a leading developer and licensor of front-end DSP technologies for voice communication and mobile audio. Alango’s worldwide customers include companies of different scale covering a wide product range. Alango technologies can be found in in-car infotainment systems, after market hands-free car kits, navigation systems, mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, audio conferencing systems, intercoms, assistive listening devices, security and military applications. Further information about Alango can be found at

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