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Assistive Hearing Products Based on Alango Sound Enhancement Technologies Showcased at AAA 2018
May.3, 2018
Posted by Ruth Bridger

We recently participated in AAA 2018, the American Academy of Audiology's annual conference and exposition held this year in Nashville, TN. With over 6000 attendees, AAA2018 is the world's largest gathering of audiologists. In our stand we demonstrated how BeHear® NOW Bluetooth® headsets allow wearers to customize and enhance situational hearing in real-time with the aid of the W&H BeHear companion smartphone application.

The HearLink™ assistive listening transmitter, which attaches to the audio port of a television, laptop or other player to transmit sound via Bluetooth directly to the BeHear NOW headset, was used to illustrate how Alango’s SEN (Sound Effect Normalization) technology clarifies sound to improve intelligibility of dialogue in television shows and movies.

Booth visitors experience enhanced
hearing with BeHear NOW headsets.
HearLink assistive listening device addresses a common
complaint that televised dialogue is difficult to understand.

In an Industry Update entitled “A Consumer Electronics Approach to Hearing Enhancement” we presented Alango’s vision as well as opportunities for audiologists to benefit from this new trend to better serve their clients and expand their reach. The presentation for that session can be downloaded here.

Forward-thinking audiologists learn how embracing new technologies
can expand their practices and improve patient well-being.

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