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Jan.6, 2016
Alango presents hearing enhancement technologies at CES 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada (Jan 6, 2016) – International CES 2016, Sands Expo, Booth 81161 - Alango Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of voice and audio enhancement technologies presented its personal hearing assistant concept as well as some selected digital voice and audio enhancement technologies.

Alango presented its 3-layers of hearing enhancement solutions:
PersonaSound™ - sound customization that adjusts the sound you want according to your device, your hearing and your current listening environment.
HearPhones™ - a complete software reference design transforming a Bluetooth headset or other “hearable” into a truly personal, self-tunable sound amplifier with assistive listening and other advanced capabilities.

SALT - Smart Assistive Listening Transceiver combining all HearPhones™ functionality with additional features utilizing 4 low noise digital microphones, small loudspeaker, motion sensor, vibration motor and telecoil. Visitors were able to experience using the SALT prototype device.

Dr. Alexander Goldin, Alango founder and CEO said, “Today we present our concept of sound personalization and hearing enhancement integrated into mobile/wearable/hearable devices. Wearables are the fastest growing segment in the consumer electronics market. What’s the next big thing in wearable devices? We believe it is “Hearables”. There are more than 600 million people with some level of hearing loss and we, at Alango, believe that a low cost, self-tuned, personal sound amplifier with additional assistive and communication capabilities is the most needed hearable device. Hearing enhancement will enter into the realm of consumer electronics and no longer be associated solely with a medical device. Increased competition, unfettered distribution, and a more open development environment will be a tremendous benefit to the consumer. This is confirmed in the recent report from the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), which is available on the site.

Alango demonstrated the following technology solutions at CES 2016:
HearPhones™ - a concept Bluetooth headset that operates as a personal sound amplifier and assistive listening device.
Adaptive Directional Microphone Array - a backbone of voice enhancement for smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, hands-free in-car communication and personal sound amplifiers.
EasyListen™ - slows down incoming speech in real time thus improving intelligibility of fast talkers and for better understanding foreign language speakers.

MuRefiner™ - a set of audio enhancement technologies that transform a portable loudspeaker into a good quality soundbar.

About Alango Technologies

Alango Technologies Ltd. is a leading developer and licensor of front-end DSP technologies for voice communication and mobile audio. Alango’s worldwide customers include companies of different scale covering a wide product range. Alango technologies can be found in in-car infotainment systems, after market hands-free car kits, navigation systems, mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, audio conferencing systems, intercoms, assistive listening devices, security and military applications. Further information about Alango can be found at

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