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READ ALL Jan.7, 2021
Issue #11
Introducing Alango VoiceFirst™ technology for enhanced TV/movie dialogue, and more...
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READ ALL Jun.3, 2018
April 2018: Alango and Banma Network Technology Co., Ltd. have announced Alango VCP8 (Voice Communication Package) implementation in the new SAIC ROEWE flagship Rx8 model
Alango’s Voice Communication Package (VCP) is used in over 20 million vehicles on the road. VCP ensures that the vehicle occupants are heard clearly via the automotive hands-free system by mitigating against echo and noise as well as adjusting gains and frequency equalization...
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READ ALL Jan.20, 2021
Enhance the dialogue in movies, TV shows, and sports broadcasts with Alango VoiceFirst™ Technology
Movies immerse the viewer in a visual and auditory experience. Often, these elements compete rather than complement each other. Our ears are bombarded with music and sound effects that obscure the voices of the people on-screen. And it is the voice that matters most to our perception of a movie. Voice comes first.
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SEE ALL February 11, 2021
Place: Online (Zoom Webinar)
Alango OnlyVoice Webinar - 11 Feb. 2021 - 9:00 CET
Alango OnlyVoice Webinar
Thursday, February 11, 2021
16:00 Hong Kong Time (9:00 CET)
Presented by Teddy Hecht
Technology Marketing Manager, Alango Technologies

Learn about Alango’s advanced voice-acquisition technology for TWS headsets.

OnlyVoice™ technology combines external microphone beamforming and in-ear bone conduction sensor (or microphone) processing to enable clear transmit call quality even in noisy environments.
In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about OnlyVoice technology

  • Hear a live demonstration

  • Connect with Alango

  • Ask questions
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Alango Technologies was founded in 2002 by Dr. Alexander Goldin. Today it is a leading supplier of voice and audio DSP technologies for automotive, mobile, mobile accessories and conferencing industries.
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